Monday, August 23, 2010

Hecho en Mexico

Yesterday after I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant with Le and Enrique, in Riverside, we went on a hunt for choco flan. Sadly all of the Hispanic groceries and panaderias that we went to didn't have any. We finally ended up getting a couple of Mexican sweet bread and Mexican Cola, it has real sugar, so it totally smashes on Classic Coke. Le wasn't really into the bread that he choose.

On Saturday, I spent most of my day with my parents. It was pretty awesome. I was teaching my dad how to use the internet and search for things of his interest. My mom is knitting me a sweater inspired by the Rodarte collection, so she was showing me all of her tools and yarn. It was dope to hear her talk about how she got into knitting and sowing. It was a great weekend.

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