Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

So, Thanksgiving just past and I spent it with my family in Perris, California. I ate so so much, turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, ham, and stuffing. For dessert, we had, flan (Mexican dessert, a custard style pie) cheesecake and pumpkin pie!

We danced all night, had wine, beer and my pops had tequila, of course! I didn't get crazy, only had about two glasses of red wine. My nephews are riding the Michael Jackson wave, so we were treated to a performance of Thriller. Somehow they incorporated the "jerk" and "sponge bob" to the routine! Such a good night. 

Woke up the next day and ate some more! Man... I feel real fat, but that's how you gotta do it!! Can't wait for Christmas food!! 

Above is a picture of Naomi Campbell, in the Vogue Italia, "All Black Issue, July 08". It actually sold out and was re-printed. All the food reminds me of the holidays and it's Naomi Campbell, so you can't go wrong! 

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